Rho Values

Experience. Patience. Commitment.

The Rho Ventures team represents a compelling combination of broad sector experience, deep ecosystem networks and successful operating leadership. With a strong and committed work ethic, our partners bring patience, consistency, transparency and a flexible approach to every deal. Our strategy is to provide the necessary guidance, introductions and capital resources to help entrepreneurs realize success on a grand scale, and to shape the landscape of new or existing markets.

Patience and Consistent Commitment to Long Term Value
For approximately 40 years, Rho has remained steadfast in helping our portfolio companies navigate the ups and downs of the global economy. We understand that realizing a billion dollar outcome requires patience and dedication to a strategic vision and plan. Rho's wide ranging experience enables us to guide and nurture entrepreneurs to success in any economic environment. In truth, the "down" economy is often the ideal environment for strong entrepreneurs to generate breakout innovations. Similarly, an "up" economy can present the greatest challenges for a company struggling to maintain its equilibrium and momentum during periods of tremendous organizational growth.

Successful Entrepreneurs Come in Many Forms Yet Share Common Traits
“Repeat entrepreneurs” are popular in times of market turbulence because they provide experience and comfort. We’ve worked with many serial CEOs and entrepreneurs who have generated some of Rho’s most successful returns. We’ve also partnered with many first-time CEOs who go on to create equally as successful companies. Every proven CEO was once a first-time CEO and all CEOs need sounding boards and partners to bring their visions to life. Successful entrepreneurs share common traits that can’t be found on a resume. These include passion, drive, vision, optimism, recognition of limits, the ability to recruit talent and great judgment.

We look at each company through the lens of its market, the potential for innovation and team composition. Once we decide to back a company, we look to provide the resources to make it successful based on its sector, stage and management skill set. There is no single pre-packaged formula for success when helping teams build businesses. Our approach is to help identify many risks and opportunities and to provide the operational, strategic and financial support necessary to help a team be successful.

Differentiated Thinking
We believe in pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo. We encourage our entrepreneurs as well as our investment teams to always challenge common wisdom and think differently. We encourage contrarian approaches and shy away from the “herd” and the “hype."

Focus on Building Sustainable Long-Term Leaders vs. Short-Term Market Caps
Every investment we make has to have a path toward market leadership and a team committed to building a long-term sustainable business.