Founded in 2001, TACODA grew to become known as the world's largest behaviorally targeted online advertising network, providing solutions to thousands of Web publishers and brand marketers.
The company developed patent-pending technologies to power TACODA Audience Networks(tm), which enabled brand advertisers to target relevant messages to specific audience segments. At its height, TACODA Audience Networks(tm) reached more than 4,000 affiliated sites and 120+ million monthly unique users.
TACODA also successfully formed partnerships with major U.S. media partners include Dow Jones, The New York Times Company, NBC Universal, Hoovers,,, and
Curt Viebranz, TACODA's CEO, began working with Rho Ventures when he raised a Series D financing round in early 2006. He came to Rho because of the firm's experience in the new media market with companies such as iVillage.
"It was clear that Rho would bring a different perspective to our board,” Viebranz said. “Rho is very analytical, and leverages that to constructively tell you what you need to know, even in a moment when you might not want to hear it. I knew that Rho would make us smarter and stronger in our market.”
In July 2007, Time Warner Inc.'s AOL approached them with an offer to acquire the company. "We had a hard decision to make. On one hand, the offer was extremely attractive. But on the other hand, TACODA was performing above expectations and we saw a wide open road ahead of us."
"During our deliberations, Habib at Rho provided some powerful advice that helped us make the decision to go through with the sale, which turned out the be exactly the right decision in retrospect."
AOL completed its acquisition of TACODA in September 2007.