Fast Facts

30 years of investing in innovation


  • Founded: 1981
  • Current fund: Rho Ventures VI, a $510 million fund
  • Investment profile: Rho leads or co-leads transactions and builds significant
    ownership positions in its companies with cumulative investments up to $50 million
  • Stage focus: Seed-stage through growth equity deals
  • Current areas of interest:
    • New Media: Vertical advertising networks; interactive TV; local and mobile new media; m-commerce enabling technology; social networks
    • Information Technology: Cloud computing applications; security; Software as a Service (SaaS)
    • Communications: Wireless infrastructure and applications
    • Healthcare: Biopharmaceuticals; platform technologies; medical devices; healthcare information technology
    • Energy Technology: Alternative fuel; smartgrid; water technologies; energy storage, efficiency and management; materials science; lighting technologies

Key Successes



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