As the nation’s health care costs continue to rise and discussions about health care reform continue to swirl, companies are trying to maintain costs and expenditures without passing them to customers. Medical Present Value (MPV) has been streamlining the medical claims field by maximizing practice revenues for medical groups while meeting the demands of health care consumers.

MPV’s Web-based revenue cycle solutions have allowed providers to collect the right payments from the right parties as quickly as possible. Regardless of changing times, MPV’s commitment to improving the business process of the health care revenue cycle has yielded lower costs for medical groups, payers, employers and patients.

MPV was a Rho Ventures portfolio company for more than a decade, weathering bad times and leveraging good ones. The company emerged as a market-leading and profitable software-as-a-service business with compelling growth and opportunities for continued value creation.  

"I had worked for public companies in the past so going to a venture-backed company was a big change," MPV CEO Tom Stampiglia said. "Rho’s vision for MPV sold me on its potential."

Rho led MPV’s Series A funding and was the anchor investor both investing and helping to secure additional funding for MPV’s subsequent equity rounds. Through its history, Rho was the largest, most active investor and board contributor to MPV.

"Over the course of my tenure at MPV, Rho has maintained a steady eye on the vision," Stampiglia said. "Rho pushes me and the management team to envision a market opportunity that’s broader and more ambitious than we would see in the day to day. Then they provide the right amount of encouragement, support and strategic recommendations to help us achieve our goals."

In June 2011, MPV was acquired by Experian, the leading global information services company. The acquisition of MPV enabled Experian to optimize payments from all revenue sources (including patients, commercial payers and government programs) to both hospitals and physician practices.